Jersey AML CFT Digital Training

We’ve been leading the way in ensuring our clients are fully compliant in offshore financial regulations and now we’re able to deliver our expertise in a far more powerful way than ever before through state of the art interactive video. Redwood has teamed up with some of the best minds in the technology, education and training sectors to work with our in-house experts to create engaging, meaningful video training specifically for the Jersey regulations. 

o   Cost Effective

Enable your staff to access training in their own time reducing man hours lost when typically attending half day or even full day workshops. Interactive video can be quickly & easily updated at little cost to meet the needs of employees and keep up-to-date with changing regulations

o   Easy to Access

Staff can easily access the training whenever, wherever and on any device

o   Learning and Employee Value

Course is broken down into manageable chapters so employees learn at their own pace with feedback where they can or need to improve 

o   Improved Retention

Every learner experiences a personalized learning journey. They can learn in their own way and feel empowered by this and also in their overall improved understanding and confidence in their job.

o   Data and Audit

All learners activity and performance is recorded in a robust and evidence driven manner to ensure regulatory compliance. We are able to give organisations greater analytics on their employees’ knowledge and capabilities, enabling them to make superior data-driven decisions

o   Introductory price of £50 per learner. for further information or to start your learning experience with Redwood